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PLANT: Equipment Maintenance Management Software

Ideal for the smooth, efficient running of small-to-medium business operations, the PLANT module of 4PS Software is all about keeping track of equipment.

It is not enough to provide a great service to your clients. To avoid costly, inconvenient equipment breakdowns and delays, compliance and preventative maintenance tasks must be done to sustain safety and continuity on projects.

Our equipment maintenance management software offers a central, cloud-based repository available for anyone on your team to view in real time.  Need to keep track of spare parts, vehicle servicing, inspections, work orders, registrations, first aid checks, electrical test and tags, kilometre readings and more?  Use the PLANT module to input, update and record the entire maintenance history for all your equipment wherever you are, wherever you have access to the internet.

Use this module together with the PEOPLE module to keep track of which employee is assigned to which piece of equipment to ensure they have relevant qualifications to operate it. The asset matrix helps you plan for future projects, giving visibility when equipment will be finished on a specific project. And you can schedule corrective maintenance activities to be performed outside of peak project timelines to prevent wasted time for better asset management.

All maintenance activities are logged according to the requirements of each particular piece of equipment.  And instead of having to keep track of what piece of equipment needs to be serviced when, you can easily access an asset matrix at a glance.  You can also set up daily or weekly auto-generated reports which calculate on-site usage and notify you of upcoming maintenance well ahead of time.  Maintenance management has never been this easy. 

Equipment Maintenance Software

Maintaining safety through compliance is at the core of many businesses.  Essential to this is the ability to quickly and efficiently identify scheduled maintenance for your equipment without being left short when the equipment is in the middle of active use on a project.  Or worse—risk equipment failure and the associated costs and downtime.  With the PLANT module, you can keep focusing on the job at hand, confident in the knowledge your equipment is reliable.

Equipment Management Software

Between multiple equipment operators, administrators and managers, keeping this information on outdated static spreadsheets or such creates stress for all involved.

Having one central maintenance management system means everyone can access and update real-time information about equipment without having to access multiple systems and wasting time being unsure which information is the most up to date.

4PS is Australian-owned and made and created especially for Australian-based and run businesses.  And it is backed up by personalised customer service should you have any questions. Contact us today on 07 4944 1272 for a complimentary demonstration.