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4PS Software of Marketing

4PS Software—Easily manage the four P’s of your business (People, Plant, Procedures and Process)

4PS Software is a web-based software.  It is designed to manage the four key aspects of your business: People, Plant, Procedures and Process.

It has been developed to track the day-to-day requirements of running a small- or medium-sized business.  

Both you and your employees are kept up to date in real-time about any aspect of your business requiring monitoring and management. 4PS is especially valuable as a tool for project management. 

Organise Your Business Like Never Before

Take the manual and tedious aspect of rummaging through paper files out and experience the time-saving benefits of using 4PS.  You will be more organised than you thought possible.

Our easy to use and set up system helps you keep track of employees and equipment.  It is also a central repository for storing and updating your processes and procedures.
Using 4PS, your business information is accessible from anywhere with internet access—from your home, office or the field.  


Expect Your Business To Run More Smoothly

Training Records Management

Know all the qualifications of your staff as well as the need for upcoming training without fumbling through paper files and searching for the right spreadsheets. 

With our training records management software capability, you can store all training records—both scans and data. And you can set up alerts for when training renewal is forthcoming.  

This way, you can plan training around projects ahead of time. You will never put staff whose qualifications have expired on a job, saving you from costly delays and not complying with safety standards.

And when linked to the plant module, you can easily allocate people with the right qualifications (and availability) to the right equipment. 

Paperless Digital Forms

There is no longer a need to search around for the right forms to fill out, or the right place to submit and store them.  Because annoying bits of paper (which are prone to be lost while on the field) are no longer necessary.  

Now all you and your staff need is access to a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to access one central repository for all forms. 

These include new employee forms, timesheets, procedures, on-site safety observations and more.  

Notifications are shared instantly between the office and your team out in the field.  This allows the entire team to work with next-level efficiency. And a great deal less frustration.   

Training Matrix

Having easy access to all your employees’ qualifications and competencies means you and your project managers can plan jobs with confidence. 


Take advantage of the easily generated up-to-date Training Matrix (available in the People module of 4PS) to get a bird’s eye, colour-coded view of all your employees’ current qualifications and any that have expired.


It’s an easy way to help plan new training sessions around (not during) job assignments, ensuring safety and compliance.

Employee Record Management

Whether you have a small or medium business, keeping track of employee records can quickly get out of hand if kept on multiple systems. 


By using 4PS record management, you can be sure to access all information at a quick glance from one secure cloud-based system. 


From personal details, employee documents, next of kin information, to employee qualifications and many more, you won’t need to waste time again tracking these down.


Managing data for your greatest assets—people — has never been so easy.  

Equipment Maintenance Management

Ensure your equipment is safety compliant and in top working order while in use on all jobs and you never have to deal with costly delays again.

Use the equipment maintenance module of 4PS with the 4P mobile app out in the field to automate the reporting and close-out of maintenance service faults and issues.

It’s a convenient way to manage maintenance for vehicle servicing, electrical test and tags, extinguisher checks and more.  
Information is kept current using just one system accessible from any device with an internet connection.  

Automatic alerts can be set up about forthcoming maintenance needs. And once repairs and maintenance are carried out and logged, the notifications are re-set for the next cycle.

Workforce Management

4PS Software can help you manage your entire workforce much more efficiently, saving you from costly delays and frustration.

Just one system, requiring just one license per company can free up your ability to access important information about your entire workforce.  

From having a quick-glance training matrix to employment records, to managing who gets assigned to what equipment and for how long, 4PS can transform the way your whole business runs.

Who Can Use This Software?

4PS can make a world of difference to the smooth running of both small and medium businesses, no matter what industry.  

Developed over almost 20 years in the heavily compliance-driven mining industry, 4PS software is easily transferrable and relevant for any industry.  It excels especially in industries with strict compliance needs.

As well as mining, this includes agriculture, manufacturing, construction, defence, recruitment and many more.  Experience exceptional efficiencies.  And allow your business to go further than ever before. 


Because your information is up to date and in one central location, there is no need to keep referring to others to find and monitor important information such as expiry of fleet vehicle lease renewals, the location of standard report templates, gaps in certifications, and many other aspects of running a business. 

There is also no longer a need to run multiple systems which need to be linked to one another.  

4PS eliminates the need for spreadsheets and the cost of multiple licences.
4PS is more affordable and easier to use than you may think.  

Talk to our Senior Consultant today about your obligation-free demonstration.  

Regardless of where you are in Australia, call us today on (07) 4944 1272.

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